Do you tango? @ Fandango

Chai tea

Fandango is one of the places that I didn’t have very high expectations of, purely because it was right beside auction rooms right next door and it looks a lot smaller and less established. But boy was I wrong, and first impressions do change! The place was very cosy and homely even though its small, there is also a nice backyard area where there are a few simple tables for those who wants the sun

The staff is friendly and attentive, the menu whilst not extensive, is acceptable and everything we ordered tasted really good. very satisfied, strongly recommend the pesto eggs! best dig imo, even though at first I was leaning towards the pancakes.

Vanilla Pancake stake with fruit compote, strawberries, honeyed cream cheese and maple syrup

Pesto scrambled eggs on sourdough

Banana bread with fig cream and candied walnuts

This was quite a small dish, and was kind of like a dessert instead, and its pretty cheap as well.

Verdict: Really cosy and nice, the food was delicious. I like it!


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