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FInally had a chance to catch up with D before she left for the summer, we decided to head to one of the brunch spots in Melbourne that we hear has one of the best coffees. We have to admit that we were disappointed! :/ We each ordered our separate coffees and they were both under satisfactory by melbourne standards, let alone a place like 7eeds known for good coffee! Maybe it was the time we got there or a new barista, either ways we didn’t even finish our coffees (which says a lot). The froth in the coffee wasn’t well done and quickly had large bubbles forming, the coffee tasted diluted and watered down as well but that’s just our opinion.

The food was good though the selection was quite limited. I decided to be adventurous this time and went for the black pudding special with a tomato chutney and poached eggs! My dish looked really yummy actually and I was very happy with my decision. The black pudding was very rich and had a sweet tomato taste that complemented the chutney well. The poached eggs were cooked beautifully as well.

D chose the pork belly with apple and celeriac slaw I believe (sorry I don’t have a picture!) but it was quite a small portion compared to mine. She did mention that the skin was crispy and the meat was tender though!

Unfortunately we did not have a very enjoyable time here as we were expecting so much especially from the coffee. I saw other reviews that mentioned the standard here was dropping as well, but I would have to confirm this another time. While I would return maybe to see if it was just our bad luck at that time, I would I’m in no rush as there are many other brunch spots to try!

Opinion: Unimpressed


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